Common Internet Marketing Mistakes – How The Best Marketing Techniques and Strategies Are Ignored

June 30, 2011

For many businesses the most challenging part is of marketing. I have seen so many professional business people making silly marketing mistakes. This happens not due to lack of knowledge but ignorance. Mismanagement of plans and things-to-do can lead to the destruction of a long term marketing plan that you have in your mind.

marketing mistakes

A long term marketing plan can never be achieved without creating a strong base of your marketing. I have outlined below some common marketing mistakes which many of the online marketers make. If you are interested in reading about the common mistakes which are made in traditional marketing, click here.

  1. Many online marketers simply forget to test the website they are marketing across various browsers and platforms. This is considered as one of the biggest mistake and hurdle in achieving the objective of best marketing techniques. You should or must do the same.
  2. Updating the design and content of your website is dead important. We notice so many websites regularly making changes to their design and content because it keeps the visitors and readers interested.
  3. Search Engine Optimization is not something in the form of a robot or an automatic process. You will have to implement it and take care of it with time otherwise it takes no time to lose the rankings.
  4. The main objective of writing content on your website is to target your audience therefore make an effective use of the keywords otherwise the content is useless.
  5. You will notice that most of the websites over the internet makes it very difficult to find their content information. It is out of my understanding that why they do so and this is also considered as an online marketing mistake. That is why, allow visitors to easily find your contact information, either in the form of a contact form or email.
  6. I understand that you want to earn money but you can only do that by allowing your site visitors to stay and feel comfortable. Keep unnecessary ads pop-ups away from your website. Do not blanket your website with advertisements all over.
  7. Using duplicate content is considered as a high unethical action by most of the search engines especially Google. Do not copy content from the websites of your competitors. Create your own unique and keyword rich content.
  8. It is very important that your clearly state everything about your business and its objective in the About Us page otherwise your visitors will find it difficult to know about the type of business you have or the service you are providing.

Posted By: Zia Ul Aein

Common Mistakes in Traditional Marketing

June 30, 2011

What Makes It Difficult To Achieve Best Marketing Techniques?

What is the main reason for little success in traditional marketing?

Why businesses fail to implement a good offline marketing strategy?

Let’s answer these questions after going through an example. You are preparing to spend your two weeks holidays in Hawaii and there are definitely so many things to pack but you are not really sure where to start. For this reason, you take a pen and a paper and start writing whatever comes in your mind. So basically you draw a sketch of things you have to pack in the form of a list. Keeping in view the example, that list serves as a plan for you because everything is on that list which you have to pack for your holidays and eventually you will need them during your stay in Hawaii.

Common Mistakes in Traditional Marketing

Same is the case with offline or traditional marketing. I have explained below the common mistakes which are made while marketing products and services in the offline world.

  1. First of all, the biggest mistake is being without a marketing plan. You should know what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it.
  2. I have seen many businesses which are having no sense of target market. Such businesses target everyone thus making it more difficult to achieve the best marketing techniques in a proper and efficient manner. Define your target market or audience and market your product or service accordingly.
  3. If you think that making unrealistic and inexperienced claims would give you more benefits then you are wrong. Only state or tell your audience what you can do and nothing more than that.
  4. Do not ignore or forget your existing clients. Give them as much value as you are giving to your unknown and new audience or even more.
  5. Pay attention to the feedback you are getting from your target market. Listen to every single piece of feedback you are getting and improve your business, product or service in accordance with that.
  6. Be unique and create your own place in the market. Many of the businesses make this mistake of only and only following the competition.
  7. Never underestimate your customer service because it is one of the most important aspects of your business. Your customer service is one of the best marketing techniques for you because you are able to generate word of mouth through a good customer service.
  8. Keep your business card always in handy with you. Business cards act just like online contact form which people can use immediately to maintain contact with you.

Keeping your business away from all of these common mistakes can bring a significant improvement and uniqueness in your marketing campaigns.

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Posted By: Zia Ul Aein