Top 5 Most Efficient and Best Marketing Techniques

Are you going to start your own online business? If your budget is not high enough to spend it on traditional methods of marketing like newspaper advertisements, television or radio advertisements and billboards then try cheaper and more efficient online promotion methods. Do not worry about things like high quality links because these techniques are used by everyone who steps into the world of online business.


You must have heard about participating and posting in different threads over different forums. More and more traffic is what we all try to achieve when it comes to making revenue from our websites. When you sign up for the forum account, you are provided with the option of signature and you can insert your website link along with an anchor text in there. If you will simply forget about the forum after making this account then most probably your account would be deleted after few days and your username would be flagged as spam. Therefore, do not forget to start useful discussions and keep on posting comments after every few days or at least one post weekly.

Blogs and Blogging

How about providing your customers with something else than your main website? A blog can provide you customers and visitors with much of a personal feeling. It is a good idea to keep an updated blog along with your website where customers, viewers or visitors can leave their comments and look for details regarding different products and services.

Social Marketing

To build a strong customer base and brand loyalty, social media marketing is the best thing to do. Social marketing is considered one of the best marketing techniques over the internet especially because the network and number of social marketing sites are getting stronger with every passing day. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube and many more are providing a free-of-cost service and high quality exposure.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing strategies are providing to be the leader in online marketing tactics. With the help of viral marketing, you can spread your message with no cost and very efficiently. One example of viral marketing can be of where they made use of a tag attached with every email which helped them in marketing their free of cost email service and nowadays their amount of users which are using hotmail is uncountable.

Directory Submissions

Many internet marketers think that directories submissions are not effective anymore whereas they are wrong because directories submissions is not all about low quality links. You can find so many high ranked directories and from there you can get high quality links to your website.

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