Viral Marketing Strategies

There is a term known as word-of-mouth which is taught to marketing students and a few years back the detailed information about it could only be found in textbooks. Now the term for word-of-mouth advertising in the context of internet marketing is known as ”Viral Marketing”. With a little effort on your part, you are able to achieve quick and inexpensive marketing and that only happens by creating a good image of your product in people’s mind which encourages them to convey it further.

Viral marketing can also be called as cold virus because it spreads from person to person. One of the most successful viral marketing has been carried out by Hotmail and Yahoo. They offered free email accounts and under every email sent from user to user, there was a link back to their websites and like a virus, the message spread and millions are using Hotmail and Yahoo now.

Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing

Benefits of Viral Marketing Strategies

There are a number of benefits attached with viral marketing strategies but I am only going to mention the top 10 here:

  1. Free Advertising (you don’t have to pay anything to those people who convey the positive message about your service or product)
  2. You are able to gain immediate exposure and visitors to your website
  3. Long term benefit includes attracting the visitors for future
  4. Viral marketing strategies reach a large set of audience
  5. A little effort for one time setup and then it works automatically
  6. Not much investment of money or time needed – inexpensive marketing and exposure
  7. Easy to develop – Even if you cannot write properly, you can easily and immediately create an E-book
  8. Immediate improvement in the reputation
  9. Easy to combine – can be included as a bonus with other services or products
  10. Brings more percentage of targeted traffic in.

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  2. David says:

    This is something I was not sure about how to implement but your article helped me.

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